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A mix-up when a husband and wife signed mirror wills 13 years ago means they have no value in law, the Court of Appeal ruled. The husband signed the wife’s will and she signed his. The ruling disinherits the couple’s intended heir, who may bring a negligence claim against the solicitor who witnessed the wills. Sole practitioner Debra Reynolds from Brunswick Law, Kent who acted for the losing party, said the “the unfairness” of the decisions shows the law must change.

Matthew Duncan, a private client partner at City firm Kingsley Napley, said “The courts seem unwilling to step outside the letter of the law when judging highly emotive cases involving inheritance. This case cried out for a pragmatic decision, but it was not to be”.

At ST Solicitors, our policy is to provide the best service and give personal attention to your requirements. When drafting yours and your partners mirrored wills, our solicitors have years of experience, we listen and direct you through the procedure carefully and efficiently at a reasonable cost, and we can store your wills here.

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